When creates a High Pressure and a High Temperature (HPHT) environment, very similar to the organic underground setting, in the lab, turn individual cremation ash into diamonds. 1 cremation diamond can take between 3 to 9 months (1 ct) to produce from the purchase procedure until the delivery to your client. The duration will depend on the ashes to diamonds faculties selected. Mothers, husbands, and brothers are able to wear ashes to diamonds memorial diamonds as being a way of keeping their nearest and dearest with them.

• For memorial remembrance.
• To avoid the cost of burial.
• For ease and freedom.

Cremation Diamonds are generally put into a piece of the memorial jeweler, such as for instance a cremation ring, necklace, or set of ear rings, and also the wearer can benefit from the fact they will have their loved ones together with them.

The Procedure

You could Wonder how this amazing transformation occurs. How can individual remains turn into a shiny diamond pendant or a pair of earrings? Because you can imagine, it’s in no way simple. There exists a great deal of care, idea, and accuracy that goes into creating cremation diamonds. After continuing, carbon is still present in the hair and bones of one’s loved ones. Carbon constitutes no more than 0.5% to 4 percent of those remains, since most of it’s burned off during the cremation process.

A gemstone in making

The Very First Step in developing a bead will be to isolate carbon dioxide. This can take many weeks. At the close of the time, you get a powdery carbon graphite the starter cloth for diamonds. At the most miraculous period of machines are used to replicate the specific conditions that exist deep beneath the earth’s surface. Under the supervision of skilled scientists, the carbon is directly confronted with temperatures of approximately 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. The pressure is exerted by just about 850,000 pounds per square inch. Gradually, a diamond begins to grow. It starts as some crystallization on top of the carbon seed. Then over time, this really becomes raw diamond. The very magical thing about all this is that each individual’s diamond will likely be unique.