The Holden commodore (Id ) automobile was created by an Australian manufacturer Holden. The beautiful sedan is a sight to behold. Together with all the right headlights it will sure become a head turner. Theholdenve series inch headlights is merely the perfect catch for your car. It comes with a 20m- range wireless remote control and Bluetooth program phone control. The color of palate may be changed when you desire. The awesome new design features a modern DRL section. That is instead of different LED’s that it really is really a continuous strip of Holden Ve series 1 headlights light.


This version comes in black as well as chrome backgrounds With globes included. The best thing is that rewiring or any kind of modifications are not required. It is simply plug and playwith. Additionally, it has a high beam chrome reflector and low beam projector lens.
The holdenve series 1 Headlights includes black Led DRL projector headlights, ADR (Australian design rules) compliant DRL (day time running directed ) headlights at a gorgeous black finish. With these headlights for you are able to be the king of the road and the middle of appeal.


The changing color headlights will surely be the talk of this town. These headlights are designed to make use of standard lamp holders and globes. This cannot be utilized for commodore’s series 2, however if series 1 front bumper can be used then your headlights may be adjusted from the series 2. So let us proceed and get on the road. Supply the new headlights a try.

Change the colour of this lighting whenever you desire. So get on The road, function as the king and conquer.